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Thursday, 01 September 2011 03:49 | Written by Administrator

DuelL AG "Windmuhle" Wheels
The Windmuhle's come in 18" size & have two finishes either Anthracite or
Diamond cut silver. These wheels are slick, stylish & easy to keep clean,
they are also able to fit with the majority of big brake kits on the market
including the R56 JCW Brembo 4 pots, we recommend either 205/40 18"
or 215/35 18" tyres for these wheels.
(Spiggot rings & bolts are availiable on request.)

 Diamond cut silver finish.

 Anthracite Finish.

 An example of custom colours.

DuelL AG Big Brake Kit

The DuelL Big Brake Kit is a 4-pot 12mm bolt for R53 and 14mm bolt for R56 for awesome stopping power, comes with calipers painted blue with yellow DuelL branding, it is also essential to have 17" or larger wheels in order to fit this kit:
Duel color calipers peek through the gap. Completely bolt-on brake kit design. For someone who wants to increase the absolute braking performance as well as looks.  4-piston different diameter facing (44mm × 43mm piston diameter), the ideal brake system the best calipers to 330mm2 piece rotor with reduced to the utmost limit the impact of thermal deformation weight and logo is engraved technique like no other to partners such. In addition to the caliper, rotor, (12mm/14mm) sports pad comes with stainless steel mesh hose eight bolts.

DuelL AG Coilover Suspension

The DuelL coilovers are able to enhance the cornering ability of your MINI
as well as giving your car an aggressive new stance, these coilovers have
both adjustment for ride height (up to 60mm) as well damper force can
also be specced with camber plates to adjust front camber

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