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Rays 57NR

New model aiming for the "strongest" of the R series, the 57NR


The 57CR, 57DR, and 57XR have been active not only in drifting competitions, but also in all genres. In addition to D1GP and FORMULA DRIFT, a completely new item has been added to the royal road "R" series, which has gained widespread support in the sports scene around the world.
Its name is 57NR. The 10-spoke system, which follows the traditional N-series design of Rays, has excellent stress dispersion and firmly accepts input from the road surface. In order to increase rigidity between the spokes, a new design "C-FORM" has been installed. As a result, it continues to maintain a perfect circle even under the application of strong forces. In addition, the strength of the inner rim has been dramatically improved by Rays' newly developed "H.S.PLUS" (high-strength technology). Get the most out of the power of the machine and the grip of the tyres to get powerful traction.
The 57NR was born to be the "strongest" wheel in the series. In terms of design and performance, there is no shortage of them.


Product Name



17inch(coming soon)/18inch/19inch


Casting 1 Piece Wheel

Safety standards

JWL+R Spec 1


Dark Bronze (JPJ) Glass Black (6NJ)




    Sold separately

    Vehicle-specific parts set, center cap


    A new design "C-FORM" is adopted between the spokes.

    In today's machines, where the power is increasing and the weight of the vehicle is increasing, how to accept the force generated is an important issue. In particular, increasing the strength of the spoke openings is a method that is actively used in motorsports. The new C-FORM, which incorporates this concept, contributes to increased rigidity while minimizing the increase in weight. The technology that was fed back directly from the race site is unique to Raze.