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The HYPER spring , which offers a high level of both running and comfort, is
finally available for FL5!

This FL5 exclusive HYPER spring is not only low down, but also a sports down spring that J'S is proud of, thoroughly pursuingboth Type R's high exercise performance and comfort !

The suspension performance of the FL5 Type R is set up at a very high level in normal condition, and it boasts not only comfort but also extremely high cornering performance. Without sacrificing the driving performance of

this Type R , it fully supports the genuine 3-mode switching (+R/Sport/Comfort), and as a result of thorough attention to ride comfort, this release model has finally been completed. 

The amount of down is-25mm at the front and -20mm at the rear.The
spring rate is 3.5-5.0kgf/mm (front 4.8) and2.5-4.5kgf/mm (genuine 4.4) rear. Achieves settings that further improve performance. It exhibits extremely stable potential at low to medium speeds and even at high speeds. ●Those who find the upward feeling peculiar to down suspension unpleasant ● This is J'S' confident product that will definitely satisfy Type R owners who are satisfied with their normal Type R but want to lower the vehicle height a little!


●Basic spring specs

Spring rate:Front 3.5-5.0kgf/mm, rear 2.5-4.5kgf/mm

Vehicle height reduction:25mm front, 20mm rear

After molding with thorough temperature control and appropriate materials, low-temperature annealing is performed to create a strong spring with increased tensile strength (200 seconds).

★Uses zinc powder coating!
By applying a special coating for the base, we minimize the possibility of paint peeling off due to interference from flying stones or springs. It also has excellent corrosion resistance, so it can be expected to be effective when used in snowy areas or in environments with a lot of dirt or mud.



[Kit contents] (For CIVIC FL5 only)

  •  Front rear HYPER spring for 1 car
  •  Dedicated bump rubber
  •  silent rubber

*We recommend installing the product at a professional shop with maintenance skills.

*Please be aware that if you go over a large step or receive a strong impact while driving, the springs may instantly stick together, and the performance may deteriorate significantly.

*This product is a sport down spring that lowers the vehicle height than the original vehicle height. Please note that regardless of whether wheels or tires have been replaced or not, we do not provide any guarantees due to interference with inner wheels, fenders, etc. due to intense sports driving or strong impacts.


*Stock ETA 07/2024