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Power Addicts Ep.01
Welcome to the very first episode of the Power Addicts series here at Revo. This is purpose-made to showcase and appreciate a diverse array of builds and car culture.
No hate, no marque snobbery, no ‘my car’s faster than yours’. It’s all about pure, unadulterated appreciation for the vision that each owner has in building their ‘ultimate’ car.
As car guys (and/or girls) we all have our preferred makes and models. But we can ALL still appreciate a good build, the hours that have been invested and the realisation of a vision to create what we as individuals each seek to find – regardless of the badge it carries.
We begin things here with 28-year old Steven Thomas’ Stage 5, yep Stage 5, 2010 Mk2 Ford Focus RS.
The Ford Focus RS Mark 2 was never a car designed to blend in.
Especially in this colour! And with Steve’s additional performance and styling mods there’s no way you could miss it, even if you tried!
Believe it or not this right here is a 10-year old car! And at the heart of this naughty little number sits the beautiful 2.5L turbo-charged 5-pot, which is responsible for that glorious, symphonic 5-cylinder sound.
Steve has taken things far beyond OEM here though, including Stage 5 Revo ECU performance software and a host of other upgrades. Oh, did I also mention that it runs Meth, purely for cooling purposes, to cope with the track days, drag runs and spirited drives that Steve uses it for.
He likes to use this thing. And when he does it gets used HARD!
It’s a lairy-looking RS with the oomph to match thanks to a Matt Lewis built Stage 3 hybrid turbo kicking out 450bhp.
Steve’s been a Ford fanatic for many years having owned a number of models, but began his love of cars in a place many of us (myself included) began – in a Saxo VTR – before moving up the ranks a step at a time via a vast array of cars.
As well as now owning this fine Ford, Steve also runs the Northants OvalsFord-based car club. A task he enjoys greatly and one that has allowed him to meet many like-minded enthusiasts within a thriving community.
Inside the car there’s standing room only with a matching set of Recaro seats up front with the rear seats removed to make way for the SCC bolt-in cage. And that tank back there too – yeah that’s not just for show – that’s for this car’s Meth system.
The car is fully tricked out with goodies on the outside too
Uprated 19” rims wrapped in Michelin tyres and a Revo 380mm big brake kit hiding behind the front wheels. The headlights and fog lights are all aftermarket too, as well as numerous graphics to compliment to Steve’s tastes.
And then you lift the bonnet (which by the way is also wrapped and features carbon vents). And there lays the majority of the goodness needed to put a huge smile on his face.
The turbo flutter, the five pot sound and the dump valve all make for an exhilarating driving experience. One I could fully appreciate from the passenger seat while Steve demonstrated this car’s outright awesomeness.
What was I doing in the passenger seat? Well compiling the info on this car to throw into a few brief sentences here for your pleasure, while taking the photographs you see here to accompany it.
And, finally, filming a video on this car with Steve, which you can watch by clicking the YouTube link in this blog post.
Hit play, watch the video and listen to what Steve himself has to say about life owning a 10-year old RS. A car that’s rapidly scribing its presence into the car history books.
Enjoy! Alex Bones