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Take a couple of Ford Fiesta ST’s and drop 330bhp into each! The results are pretty electric as you might well imagine! 


RT330 Turbo

The Revo RT330 turbo kit forms the basis of CEUK’s two ST’s – one has been purpose-built for track use with a full cage and all the necessary track trimmings.


Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Whereas the other is what you might describe as a ‘standard looking’ version. A “wolf in sheep’s clothing” if you will! The only sign it’s running that sort of power would be evident if you either a) lift the bonnet, or b) pull up next to it at the lights and watch it scream off into the distance.

Hard Graft

Adam from CEUK has put a lot of hard work into both builds, which are mainly used as demonstrator vehicles for his business, Car Enhancements UK. What better way to show off what’s possible than to let people experience it for themselves.

Built To Perform

The track-orientated ST features wider arches to accommodate wider rims and tyres along with a rear wing and some front aerodynamic modifications, too.


Spec’d For The Track

Cobra carbon seats, harnesses, a bolt in cage, big brake kit and all of the supporting hardware for the turbo kit make it a formidable road legal track day weapon.

330bhp Road Go-er

The road version retains the oe interior and stock brakes, which serves as a perfect way to demonstrate just how much more effective the big brake upgrade kit is. For track driving, it’s an absolute MUST with these Fiesta’s.


Standard Engine

Although the Fiestas require NO internal engine modifications to run the power they do need the charge and throttle pipes (included with the RT330), downpipes with sports cat or decat, high flow exhaust system (a Milltek system in Adam’s case) and uprated intercooler.



ST – The ‘Ultimate’ Hot Hatch?

The ST’s have been hailed as one of the finest hot hatches available and with the extra power they’re certainly king of their territory in the fiercely-contested hot hatch world.


Check out the video for a closer look at CEUK’s superbly prepared ST’s both on and off the track. Head over to our website and let us help you get the most from yours.

Alex Bones from REVO UK