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J'S RACING EK9 Low temperature thermostat

Opening the valve at 68 ℃ (Stock 78 ℃) Full opening at 83 ℃ (Stock 90 ℃)

All Honda vehicles with high power motor maintain a delicate relationship between the water temperature and the engine power. When the radiator water temperature starts rising, the ECU automatically reduces the risk (Map correction mode) by increasing the fuel and retarding the ignition timing, which results in losing power.

This thermostat sets the valve’s opening temperature lower than the stock to circulate the coolant earlier and to maintain the temperature at around 75℃ to 85 ℃. As a result, it works toward preventing power loss, knocking and various negative thermal effects.

The installation is an easy bolt-on regardless of the type of radiator used.

A must-have item for Honda with high power for all driving stages

Not to mention the great positive impact on a large performance radiator, but it can be significantly effective with very light modification – stock radiator + low temperature thermostat + low temperature thermal switch + performance coolant.

With above mentioned light mod, the water temperature stays at around 80 ℃ on street driving.

Safety precautions

J’s Racing recommends the use of this product in combination with the lower thermal switch ( or computer modification on cooling fan program).

Please use the proper tightening torque

Make sure to bleed the air completely after the installation

*Shipping from our office is not included, please contact us for cost and ETA before ordering.