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J'S RACING CL7 FF roll center adjuster

A special part that can be changed to the ideal geometry by modifying the CL7's roll center has appeared.

With the lowered vehicle height, the CL7 has a bad lower arm angle and the position of the roll center is too low. By moving the center of gravity of the car away from the roll center, the amount of roll increases, sacrificing cornering force.

By installing the J'S RACING roll center adjuster, it is possible to correct the lowered roll center to the ideal position (correct the distance between the center of gravity of the car and the roll center to a short position), realizing the ideal suspension geometry. increase.

[Equipment effects]

★Reduced amount of roll
★Improved tire contact feeling
★Improved steering response ★ Increased cornering
force increase. In the lower position of CL7 doesn't have good condition with the lower arms.It will give high speed cornering to your cause from collection with geometry of lower arm angle.


At J'S RACING, we have developed the CL7 roll center by repeating the test many times.
Please use it for vehicles with a lower vehicle height of 30mm or more.
*It is not recommended to install this product on vehicles with a lower vehicle height from normal vehicle height to 30mm.
Warning/CautionPress work is required for installation.
We recommend replacing it at a pro shop.
After replacement, vehicle height adjustment and alignment adjustment will be required.Please adhere to the specified torque and install correctly.
Need to do the alignment after install this parts.
*After installation, please periodically check the tightening of bolts and nuts.Please do this every time, especially before riding on the circuit.

Product number: FCJ-E2