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Six years passed since the current RG-D model was launched in 2010. In 2016, this model will receive its first model change, coming out as the RG-D2.

The special aspects of the new casting 1-piece RG-D2 models include the step-rim form. Three types of concave spokes are standard designs for 18x7.5J/8.0J/8.5J, while 18x8.5J/9.0J/9.5J are the GTR design, and 9.5J/10.0J/10.5J/11.0J are the Super GTR design, each with as great a concave design as is possible with casting wheels.

ADVAN Racing FLOW FORMING JAPAN MADE logos are printed on the step of the rims by a thermal-transfer method, so everyone can tell these are ADVAN Racing wheels. The spokes are side cut on both sides, without joins, using the “advanced side cut” process. These 18-inch wheels have the racing rim profile necessary for 18-inch wheels to accommodate brake systems with rotor sizes of up to 400mm diameter.

RG-D2 are available in the following colors: Machining & Racing Hyper Black, Semi Gloss Black, and Machining & Black Gun Metallic which was newly developed.

The six spokes that are a tradition of the RG design have side cut machining in accordance with the latest ADVAN Racing technology trend, and advanced side cut swoops between two spokes with no join.  


Available Colours

MHB = Machining & Racing Hyper Black
SGB = Semi Gloss Black
MBG = Machining & Black Gun Metallic
MCG = Machining & Champagne Gold


*18X9.5 5/100 +40 MHB

MHB = Machining & Racing Hyper Black

Pleases check with us if you need more information about the set up.

Price for each wheel.