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The first all electric 8-way model from Recaro's new generation of sports seats Where man meets machine, it gives you instant feedback. With a low center of gravity, firm, compact upholstery, and the necessary freedom of movement for the arms, the RECARO Sport C helps you keep control on corners and truly enjoy the experience of driving. And with RECARO’s hallmark ultra-slim backrest contour – designed with both aesthetics and comfort in mind – passengers in the back seat will relish all the extra legroom. With a whole range of electric adjustment options, premium car owners can totally indulge in their new seats.


This item come in few different type and price.

Sport C 3 Door
633.000.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS $5340.00
633.000.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS  $5340.00
633.000.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS $5340.00
633.000.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS $5340.00

Sport C 3 Door + Heating
633.100.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS $5818.00
633.100.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS $5818.00
633.100.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS $5818.00
633.100.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS $5818.00

Sport C 3 Door SAB
633.300.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS  $6200.00
633.300.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS $6200.00
633.300.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS $6200.00
633.300.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS $6200.00

Sport C 3 Door SAB + Heating
633.500.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS $6570.00
633.500.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS $6570.00
633.500.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS $6570.00
633.500.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS $6570.00

Sport C 5 Door
653.000.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS $5200.00
653.000.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS $5200.00
653.000.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS $5200.00
653.000.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS $5200.00

Sport C 5 Door + Heating
653.100.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS $5500.00
653.100.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS $5500.00
653.100.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS  $5500.00
653.100.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS $5500.00

Sport C 5 Door SAB
653.300.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS $5850.00
653.300.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS  $5850.00
653.300.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS $5850.00
653.300.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS  $5850.00

Sport C 5 Door SAB + Heating
653.500.1B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black LHS $6320.00
653.500.1B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black LHS $6320.00
653.500.2B49 Leather White/Dinamica Black RHS  $6320.00
653.500.2B57 Leather Black/Dinamica Black RHS $6320.00



  • All-electric 8-way adjustment*: backrest, fore-and- aft adjustment, seat height, seat angle

  • Easy-to-operate switch pack

  • Ultra-slim design

  • Very low hip point**

  • Fully upholstered headrest as standard

  • Sporty side bolsters in backrest and on seat bottom

  • Belt slots for 4-point belt

  • Also suitable for use with a 3-point belt

  • Specially formed shoulder support

  • Extendable seat cushion

  • Lumbar support (4-way)

  • Lightweight: only approx. 24 kg per seat

  • Innovative structure for maximum safety


. Two level seat heating

. Backrest release (for 2/3 door cars)

. Additional seat cover options

. Side air bag (Available summer 2023)