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REVO 3 People, 1000 miles, one destination; Nürburgring

With the development of our STAGE 2 MG1 Software for AUDI S4/S5/SQ5, what better way to test IT than a 1000-mile round trip to the Nürburgring, Germany.


With our bags packed, coffee brewed, and car fuelled we began our journey from our HQ’s hometown, Daventry. We set off bright and early at 4 am to drive 3 hours straight to the Eurotunnel crossing in Folkestone.

Even after weeks of planning and plain sailing down to the crossing, we missed our train by 10 minutes… it’s at this point we knew our journey was going to be a long one!

After a freshly cooked sausage, egg & bacon bap (and 2 hours of killed time) it was now our chance to board the train. By now all of us were wide awake and ready to conquer the big driving stretch of France, Belgium & Germany.


By now we’re over 5 hours into our journey and driving on the wrong side of the road (haha). With a few pitstops to refuel the car and ourselves, we wanted to get to the Ring as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So far the Revo-tuned Stage 2 Audi S4 had performed flawlessly. Not to mention carrying 3 adults, luggage, and enough snacks to feed a small village. We were seeing an average of 33mpg!


It’s safe to say that all three of us were ready to have a freshly cooked meal and a cold beer to finish off the day of solid traveling. We met one of our long-term friends and German distributor of Revo, Reinhard from Werk2.

After a few ‘sim’ laps of the Ring in the E-Sports lounge, we felt confident to test the 450BHP Revo Stage 2 S4 on the track.

After the sun had risen the following morning, we were well prepared to see what the car was capable of. With the car warmed up, we were all set. The S4 felt incredibly responsive whilst remaining planted and balanced.

With the Revo Big Brake Kit, we could brake later and a lot harder than the standard units. The IATs were maintained perfectly thanks to the Carbon Series Intake and our performance Intercooler.

We’re not blinded to the fact that the S4 isn’t a ‘track car’ however, bear in mind it had just traveled 400 miles the day before, it took the ‘heavy testing’ like a champ.


The Nürburgring was very busy on Sunday due to being a tourist day. In fact, there were 21 crashes that day – luckily no one was injured (and no we weren’t involved in any of them, thankfully)!

When the track was closed we found ourselves exploring Nürburg town’s beautiful scenery and iconic restaurants for a bite to eat.

Why? Just why?

Our goal for this journey wasn’t to see which staff member could set the fastest lap around the ring (although I’m the lightest so…), neither was it to have a steak on a stone in the famous Pistenklause, but hey!

Audi S4 3.0TFSI B9 Stage 2 development car on a 1000 mile road trip to the Nürburgring in Germany.

Our goal was to test the drivability of our development Stage 2 software on the MG1 type ECUs. We traveled over 1000 miles, used 3 full tanks of fuel, and toured through 4 different countries. The S4 didn’t disappoint during ANY part of our journey be it on, or off, track.

Want to hire a Revo-Tuned car?

Well… one of the other purposes of our trip was to visit our new dealer out there – RSR Nurburg. These guys are based at the ring itself (and SPA) and offer a huge array of performance vehicles for hire. From Porsche GT3’s to VW UP’s and everything in-between.

And now you can hire their full Revo Stage 2 Golf R as well. Find out more about that HERE.

A whole build series will be available to watch over at RSR’s YouTube channel soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Signing Off

Being my first trip out there it was a feast for the eyes. You almost get ‘bored’ of seeing mind-warping cars, simply because they’re everywhere you look!

And our own Stage 2 S4? Well, it was flawless.

We offer the Stage 1 ECU Performance software already, which you can find out more about here. And, we’re heading towards completing development on Stage 2 as well, which really helps to extract that extra performance from the super-smooth, sweet-sounding 3.0L V6.

In fact, as soon as we got back from this trip we handed the keys to Hampshire Photography for a full in-depth video review. You can watch that here to see what he thinks, too.

A comfy cruiser to waft in, with massage seats and all the comforts. Yet it’ll turn into quite the beast at the simple touch of a button!

What a treat for a road trip 🙂 Watch this space for more.