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A lot of the development we have completed on the Golf MK8 GTi (READ ABOUT THAT HERE) is carried over to the MK8 Golf R and Tiguan R.

It’s worth just clarifying here that both the MK8 R and Tiguan R feature the same 320PS 2.0T EA888 Evo engine

Much in the same way that we approached the MK8 GTI development; we did the same with the R. Building an overall picture of what we want to achieve and then start to look at potential choking points and areas that can be improved.

Golf R MK8 & Tiguan R IntakE

Starting with the intake, the carbon lid and front section that was designed on the GTI we knew would cross over because we had checked part numbers and test fitted the 3D printed items we did while working on the GTI. So that was a pretty straightforward one.

What’s Different?

The only difference in the intake systems between the GTI and R is the back hose and turbo inlet.

This is due to the higher output ‘R’ platform having a different turbo, which has a relocated DV situated in the throttle pipe itself.

This means there is a DV relocation hose that connects from the inlet hose to the throttle pipe. A new hose was drawn up and we are waiting on final samples of this now.

The same as we did with the GTI we have developed both a full carbon intake kit with new back hose and also an OEM+ kit which will retain the stock airbox.

We also considered changing the OE inlet adapter on the turbo, however, there was no gain to be made with increased sizing. So there’s no need to offer that.

We have decided to retain the OE inlet for all kits. The only time we would look to change this would be if we went to a hybrid turbo and increased the bore size on the compressor. 

Throttle & Charge Pipes

Throttle and charge pipes have both been uprated; a new throttle pipe assembly with both hard pipe and silicones was required. This was down to the previously mentioned DV relocation.

The DV is now bolted to the throttle pipe so our hard pipe incorporates this.

3D printed samples were done and have been test fitted and approved for full sample production. The charge pipe utilises the current MQB hardpipe, but with new silicones.

The Continental Turbo fitted to the higher output engine on this platform doesn’t have a bolted in muffler like the GTI and just has a direct-from-compressor housing outlet. 

Golf MK8 R & Tiguan R Intercooler

Our current MQB intercooler will fit the new platform without modification but on the higher output platform new hoses are required due to the throttle pipe changing. It’s a simple fix and parts have been drawn and sent out for samples. 

Revo Big Brake Kit 

6-pot high performance brakes are the same as the development we did on the GTI and just have brake line changes where applicable. Both 380mm and 355 mm kits are available now. 

Revo RF0 Flow Formed Lightweight Wheels 

Current RF018, RF019 & RF020 (18”, 19” and 20”) wheels with the 5×112 pattern all fit and have been added to the list as well. 

Turbo development

We have sent both a MK8 GTI and MK8 R turbo to Owen Developments and have had them stripped down to see what possibilities there are with the units if we move forward with them as a project.

So there’s some exciting potential there for much more power too; depending on the analysis of Owen’s strip down.

Stock Tiguan R Performance Times

We also took the car to Turweston air strip to gather some stock performance time data. Along with some of the Tiguan’s other Revo stablemates too.

In good conditions the car ran a best 0-60mph of 4.42sec and an average 0-60 of 5.02sec over three runs. The best 30-70mph we ran was a 4.10sec with an average of 4.36sec over four runs.

100-200kmh came in at 14.23sec best and an average of 14.37sec. Better than stock estimated, which is 15.5sec.

All of these times above were from a standing start position. We don’t think it did too badly for a car with a quoted curb weight of 1,746kg and a stock quoted 0-60mph of 4.5sec.