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Power Torque
Stock 350ps 325lbft
REVO Stage 1 Software from370ps to382ps

from395lbft to415lbft



Power Torque
Stock 350ps 325lbft
REVO Stage 2 Software from405ps to440ps from425lbft to455lbft


Enhanced power delivery, unique safety features and white-knuckle response at your disposal, Stage 1 Software for the Mk3 Focus RS gives you access to much more than just peak power figures. By engineering our Software in-house we have been able to completely re-design the way in which your vehicle delivers power and responds to your input with power available on-demand in every gear. Access to over 20,000 different parameters directly from the ECU enables the Revo calibration team to unlock your engines true potential, while ensuring everything remains within safe factory levels. Stage 1 Software is a must for RS owners who want stand out from the crowd.

Get far more than a peak power figure.

The 2016 Mk3 Focus RS has arguably been the most talked about the release of the year; and for good reasons. Ford has managed to pack in plenty of tech including a 4WD system with independent rear clutch packs and features such as drift mode into a rather weighty package that still offers the agility and handling capabilities of a much smaller hatchback.

Although the RS is currently the most ‘powerful’ standard RS to date, we knew that there was potential for much more. Having over twelve months of development on the similar 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine found in the Ford Mustang and knowing the RS was to use the same Bosch MED17 ECU we have eight years of experience with, we were more than prepared for our Focus RS development vehicles. By evaluating the data logged on track, road and at our in-house dyno facilities, we were able to assess the capability of the RS engine and highlight areas we could improve.

We knew Stage 1 would really bring the car to life; by utilising the hardware’s full potential and integrating additional safety features unique to Revo such as Temperature Control which actively monitor oil, intake and exhaust temperatures and reduce power if they get too high, you can rest assured that your RS is able to take all you can throw at it, whatever the conditions ensuring a responsive and exciting experience, without compromising on driveability or engine tolerances.


Software Features

Revo Speed Limit Unlock

Speed Limit Unlock

The top speed limit for this vehicle has been removed.


Revo Temperature Protection

Temperature Protection

Engine power is lowered under extreme temperatures.


Revo RPM Limit Imcreased

RPM Limit Increased

The RPM limit has been raised to 7000 RPM


Power Graphs

We quickly discovered that the way in which the RS delivered power was far from linear. After data-logging on road, track and our in-house hub-dyno, we could see that boost was delivered incrementally, peaking much higher up the RPM range than expected. This higher RPM boost increase does nothing for midrange but does leave a spike in the power curve, giving a healthy peak power figure. This is more than a numbers game, Revo software has been designed to give a performance benefit in the real world, whether on the road or track, as highlighted by our power graphs, we have concentrated on giving power gains throughout the rev range with impressive midrange power increases making the RS an experience you won’t forget.

Revo Ford Focus RS MK3 Stage 1

Revo Ford Focus RS MK3 Stage 1


*All graph data produced using a 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 2.3 EcoBoost with Standard Shell vpower Pump Fuel **Stock figures and graphs using overboost feature


Performance Times

Performance testing was carried out on a private track in the UK with an ambient temperature of 19ºC. 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 2.3 EcoBoost with manual transmission in Race mode. Revo Rv019 19" wheels with road tyres, traction control off and 98RON Shell® vPower®. The average performance times are taken from 9 consecutive runs.

  0-60 mph 0-100 mph 30-70 mph 30-130 mph
Stock (Average) 5.02 s 12.57 s 5.17 s 20.04 s
Stock (Best) 4.98 s 12.21 s 5.04 s 19.41 s
Stage 1(Average) 4.45 s 11.16 s 4.56 s 17.31 s
Stage 1 (Best) 4.39 s 10.79 s 4.48 s 17.04 s

Performance Data

  • Stage 1: 340WHP / 558NM
  • Peak Gains: +24WHP / +91NM
  • Max WHP Gain: +60WHP @ 6400RPM
  • Max NM Gain: +141NM @ 2500RPM

Technical Data

  • Speed Limit Removed
  • RPM Limit raised to 7000 RPM
  • Shift indicator light optimised
  • Temperature related protection


*Performance data from DynaPack 4 wheel hub Dyno **Peak and Maximum Gains between stock (running overboost) to Stage 1


Added Protection

During testing it quickly came to light that the 2.3 EcoBoost engine suffers considerably with high temperatures. This not only affects the top-end power output of the engine but can also cause considerable damage. To prevent this from happening, our calibration team have incorporated Temperature Protection, an additional safety feature that limits engine power under extreme temperatures before damage to engine.

Temperature Protection Feature

Revo Stage 1 tuning is developed to work within the constraints of the standard engine; we could run more boost and power, but not reliably or consistently on an otherwise standard vehicle. Our testing indicated that this engine struggles with heat management; in high temperature conditions (Rolling Road, High ambient temps, and prolonged vmax/track use) intake air temperatures (IAT) climb very quickly without additional cooling modifications.

We have implemented additional safety features by reducing overall power as IAT's climb to undesirable levels.

  • IAT over 60ºC, power is reduced by 5%
  • IAT over 65ºC, power is reduced by 10%
  • IAT over 70ºC, power is reduced by 15%

This feature also actively monitors exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). If EGT's begin to rise towards unsafe levels then power is automatically reduced by up to 10% until the engine reaches a safe operating temperature.


Added Features

The calibration team at Revo have studied the RS's ECU in depth and integrated features that offer Revo ECU performance software beyond just figures.

Shift Light

The shift light has been optimised for Revo stage 1 software and now indicates the best shift point based on the improved tuning. The "RS" light now comes on at 6200RPM where the power is at it's peak, it then starts Flashing at 6500RPM to indicate optimal power is decreasing.

Switchable Software

Using an SPS switch you are able to take advantage of the switch-ability of Revo software. The Patented OBD2 interface is the ultimate compliment to our performance software, giving the user the ability to switch between 2 fuel quality modes (97RON and 98RON) and a stock performance setting via the vehicle OBD port, along with the benefit of a security lockout program (anti-theft). This anti-theft feature will allow the car to be started but then will not idle or run.

  • SPS Position 1 – Stock Mode
  • SPS Position 2 – Performance Mode A
  • SPS Position 3 – Performance Mode B
  • SPS Position 4 – Anti-Theft Mode

 Simply select a program, plug in, wait a few seconds, remove the SPS device and start the car. It's simple and there's no fixed switch to install in the vehicle.