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REVO TUNING - Ford Mustang 2.3T (2015>)

REVO TUNING Ford Mustang 2.3T


Stage 1 Performance Software

2.3 Litre EcoBoost

The Ford Mustang is synonymous with a big V8 engine, so Ford’s decision to offer a 4 cylinder 2.3 option might have come as a shock; however, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Knowing that it was an EcoBoost engine and therefore turbocharged meant it wasn’t just a practical alternative to the V8, but also offered a lot more tuning potential.

With mixed reviews in the press, we were keen to get behind the wheel of one to judge for ourselves. To beat the waiting lists we opted to import one from the US and shortly after taking shipment, it was out on track for data-logging. Although this car certainly looks the part we were underwhelmed with how it performed; handling, power delivery and performance were all areas that could be refined allowing us to improve the entire driving experience.

An Enhanced Driving Experience

At 1,655kg (in fastback form) the mustang isn’t a light car which goes some way to explain why it feels a little flat as standard. Whilst initial testing illustrated the potential of this vehicle, especially for partial throttle power delivery, it also highlighted how much of an impact higher temperatures have on the overall performance of this car.

Revo Stage 1 Software comes as the result of twelve months intensive development and testing in UK, China, Korea and Germany. Stage 1 combines increased power and torque, huge midrange gains and refined power delivery to give you a car is not only more exciting to drive, but more nimble and responsive when driven hard. Revo transforms the Mustang offering smoother throttle response and power delivery with a much wider power band throughout the rev range. This is the perfect product for Mustang owners who want the performance to match the cars aggressive aesthetics.

Software Features

Revo Speed Limit Unlock

Speed Limit Unlock

The top speed limit for this vehicle has been removed.



RPM Limit Increased

The RPM limit has been raised to 7000 RPM


Temperature Protection

Engine power is lowered under extreme temperatures.


Performance Data

Revo Ford Mustang Stage 1

Performance Times

Performance testing was carried out on a private track in the UK with an ambient temperature of 19ºC. US Imported 2015 Performance Pack Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost with a manual transmission. Factory wheels with road tyres, traction control off and 98RON Shell® vPower®.


Technical Data

  • Speed Limit Raised to 186mph
  • RPM Limit raised to 7000 RPM
  • Shift indicator light at 6200 RPM
  • Smoothed pedal response
  • Temperature related protection
  • Various fuel quality options


Temperature Protection

During testing it quickly came to light that the 2.3 EcoBoost engine suffers considerably with high temperatures. This not only affects the top-end power output of the engine but can also cause considerable damage. To prevent this from happening, our calibration team have incorporated Temperature Protection, an additional safety feature that limits engine power under extreme temperatures before damage to engine.

How it Works

Revo Ford Mustang Stage 1
Temperature Protection Feature

Revo Stage 1 tuning is developed to work within the constraints of the standard engine; we could run more boost and power, but not reliably or consistently on an otherwise standard vehicle. Our testing indicated that this engine struggles with heat management; in high temperature conditions (Rolling Road, High ambient temps, and prolonged vmax/track use) intake air temperatures (IAT) climb very quickly without additional cooling modifications.

We have implemented additional safety features by reducing overall power as IAT's climb to undesirable levels.

  • IAT over 45ºC; power is reduced by 5%
  • IAT over 50ºC; power is reduced by 10%
  • IAT over 60ºC, power is reduced by 15%
  • IAT over 70ºC, power is reduced to around stock levels
Please note: IAT displayed on the dash clocks is not the true IAT being monitored by the ECU or the Temperature Protection feature.