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Ignition Model has released the J'S RACING Maoh S2000 resin model

Ignition Model has released the J'S RACING Maoh S2000 resin model,

available worldwide as a J'S RACING model.

J'S RACING Maou has been modeled in 1/18 scale resin by ignition model.

▼Faithfully reproduces the current specifications of the Maou in 2016 The

"J's RACING S2000 Maou" that participated in the Maou Championship held in 2016 is modeled in 1/18 scale. Thewheel coloring, body graphic design, headband on the top of the front window, and sponsor stickers on various parts are different from the already released "IG2009 J's RACING S2000 Maou". Theexterior is armed with J's RACING's original aero parts and is equipped with a NA 2.6 liter engine boasting 360 PS.

The exterior's biggest feature is the large graphics attached to the voluminous aero kit.


RAYS CE28N type 18 inch wheels and lowered suspension.

Original aero parts, lip spoiler, carbon hard top, carbon trunk, GT wing, canards on both sides of the front bumper, large brake calipers, Recaro seats on both sides, 4-point seat belts, J's RACING original steering wheel. The

graphic design of the Demon King reproduced on the entire surface of the body is reproduced with decals, and the top surface is finished with a clear coating to give it a smooth and glossy texture.

From meticulous research on the actual car to the body shape and interior details, it is reproduced exactly like the actual car.

Warnings and precautions

Color : Demon King

    *Limit stock

    Sales will end as the planned number of units have been sold out .