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J'S RACING CL7 Street.Ver front bumper FRP

The wing shaped under panel was a new design and it achieves both good down force and low air drag at the same time.   The design secures the enough height from the ground and you can go over the curbs on a race track with confidence.

The inlet to the radiator is wide enough to be very effective to keep the water temperature in check and to avoid losing power.

There are the ducts for the stock fog light (of the early model).  When fog lights are not installed, you could utilize them as the simple air duct for several purposes. 

Product Details


J’s Racing Carbon Canard for CL7 Front Bumper (CCN-E2-JS)

J’s Racing Front Carbon Grill for CL7 Front Bumper (AG-E2-JSUS)

Safety precautions

Black gel coated surface – painting is required

Aluminum net is attached on the grill area

Model Compatibility

CL7-100,-110,-120,-130,-300,-310,-320 Accord Euro R

CL9-100,-110,-120,-130 Accord 4 door

CM2-100,120,-130,-300,-320  Accord Wagon

The stock grill cannot be used.

The compatibility of the fog light of the late model is not confirmed yet

※ The optional carbon grill is sold separately

*Shipping from our office is not included, please contact us for cost and ETA before ordering.