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J'S RACING DC5 RSX Brake Line System (Steel fitting)

* Assures a solid response to the delicate pedal work

* Provides a very steady pedal touch even for a hard driving on a track

* Improves controllability for ABS and brake-assist system

This product works on all stages of your driving

■Thermal expansion is effectively checked by Teflon-made and braided stainless tube.

The stock rubber brake hose is very much susceptible to the heat. This weakness becomes apparent at the hard braking.   With the brake fluid temperature climbing high and the rubber hose expanding, the pedal feel frequently become spongy or you might have a longer pedal travel.    The precise braking is impossible under those circumstances.  J’s Racing brake line will solve that problem once for all.

PTFE Teflon hose, which is manufactured for aircraft, coupled with the braided stainless prevents brake hose expansion due to heat and pressure. It is also clear coated for an attractive appearance.

The brake line system promises a stiff pedal feel and consistent liner braking, which transfers your pedal work very effectively to the caliper. 

The fitting portion is made by steel.

■One year warranty
Each J's Racing Brake Line System is pressure tested for the excellent durability, which has been proved in the actual racing events.

●Pressure tested

Every brake line is pressure tested before the shipment for leakage.

 ●Stainless fitting

Very durable SUS stainless is used for the fitting portion.

Safety precautions

※This product is designated as an important safety product

※The installation has to be performed at the licensed factory or very well equipped shop with the product knowledge.

※J's Racing will not be responsible for any malfunction or accident due to the improper installation or bleeding.

※Please read the installation manual well and familialize yourself with this product before the installation.

*Shipping from our office is not included, please contact us for cost and ETA before ordering.