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J'S RACING FD2 TYPE-R Side Inner Brace

By installing it inside the fender, the distortion of the front frame is suppressed and the rigidity around the front is dramatically increased.
As a result, the feeling of ground contact is greatly improved, and the limit of cornering is raised. In addition, the increased directness improves the controllability of the car, making it ideal for sports driving.

Since the thin steel plate is manufactured by the NC leather cut manufacturing method, high rigidity and light weight are realized at the same time.
In addition to being easy to install, you can get themaximum effect with the minimum weight increase ! You

can experience the increased rigidity from the street to the circuit, and it
is a highly effective special part.

● Multi-traveling vehicles of 50,000km or more
● Vehiclesthat have beenrunning for more than 7 years since the new vehicle
● Hard user vehicles that often drive on circuits
● Vehicles equipped with FRP wide fenders
Rigidity around the front frame and fenders, such as vehicles with a history of accidents , has decreased There is a particularly tangible effect on the vehicle you are using.

Also, if you install it on a new car, you can prevent the body from sagging.
Warnings and precautions
* Detachment of fenders, bumpers, etc. is required when installing.
 We recommend that you install it at a professional shop.

* Please check ETA before order

* OTR Motorsports reserves the right to alter prices without notice