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J'S RACING FF DC5 roll center adjuster

Ball Joint  S45C

Ball Stud  SCM435HB195-260  Total Swing Angle 39°

The extension  10mm

This is a special part to restore the ideal roll center geometry for DC5.

The lower arm angle on a lower ride height vehicle tends to be far from ideal and the roll center point moves to a far low position. The deviation of the roll center from the center of the gravity results in a deteriorated cornering force due to the increased body roll.   Furthermore, the reduced suspension stroke leads to a diminished performance at the limit.

The J’s Racing roll center adjuster rectifies the situation by restoring the ideal roll center position (minimizing the deviation of the roll center and the center of the gravity) and produces the ideals suspension geometry.


★ Reduced roll

★ Increased stability of the tires

★ Sharper steering response

★ Faster cornering

The product is designed from the enormous data and knowhow from the actual racing participations.

After the countless testing, the product thickness is set at 10mm. The roll center adjuster is designed for the vehicle whose ride height is reduced more than 30mm.

※ It is not recommended to the vehicle with the ride height from stock to – 30mm.

Safety precautions

The stock nuts are to be reused.

The installation at the professional facility is highly recommended.

A proper alignment adjustment is required after the installation.

Please apply the correct tightening torque.

年式 打刻型式 グレード ミッション 初号機 終号機 地域
2002 DC5 TYPE R 6MT 1000001 1999999 KJ
2002 DC5 TYPE R 6MT 2000001 2099999 KJ
2004 DC5 TYPE R 6MT 2100001 2199999 KJ
2004 DC5 TYPE R 6MT 2200001 2299999 KJ
2005 DC5 TYPE S 5AT 2300001 KJ