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J'S RACING FK8 TYPE-R Front Wing Spoiler Type S

FK8 Civic TYPE-R exclusive aero is finally here!

The J'S RACING TYPE-S aero series is finally lined up for the FK8 Civic!
The design further emphasizes sharpness and function!

Thedesign has a higher nose than the genuine spoiler, which produces a rectifying effect and downforce effect to ensure traction, realizing a more stable high-speed cruise.At the same time, the high-nose spoiler shape allows more air to be taken into the radiator, and at the same time, the shape of the brake air duct opening is also enlarged,improving cooling performance .

Although it looks low, itis designed to be the minimum ground clearance considering lowdown such as ease of use on the street and curb pass on the circuit .

It is a replacement type with the genuine spoiler and can be installed with the genuine strake (bumper lip spoiler) attached. Of course, itcan be installed regardless of the early / late model!

This carbon type adopted the firstvacuum infusion molding .
Achieves beautiful carbon with even resin unevenness compared to the conventional manufacturing method by vacuum forming. In addition, it has both strength and lightness, and the surface has a matte finish like dry carbon.
* The photographed image is glossy because it is UV-cut clear painted.

* CIVIC TYPE-R FK8 exclusive model (regardless of the first half or the second half)

* Dedicated bolts, nuts and rivets are included (drilling required)

Warnings and precautions

*Made of carbon infusion -$2899

*Made of FRP -$1499

* Drilling and riveter are required for installation.

*Safety standard conforming size
Some parts of the safety standard are left to the judgment of the inspector. Whether or not to finally pass the vehicle inspection depends on the inspector of the vehicle inspection at that time.

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