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J'S RACING S2000 Stainless header 4-2-1

Header layout  4-2-1

Weight  5.5kg (12.1 pound) Compared with the stock header 10.5kg, our header is 5.0kg lighter

The 4-2-1 structure [ 4(50Ǿ) – 2(50Ǿ) – 1(55-60 Ǿ taper)] increases both torque and power for all the rev ranges.

Made by light SUS304 stainless with the thickness of 1.2mm to 1.5mm, the welding, material preparation and assembly are all hand made meticulously by the experienced craftsman.

The header has a fitting hole for air/fuel ratio sensor, which comes in handy when the car is to be fine tuned.

It works great for both AP1 F20C and AP2 F22C1 to maximize the engine potential.

This special header performs very well at any driving stage.

For the detailed information, please refer to the following page ↓

Product Details

Even though they were not officially sanctioned, countless power tests all over the world put our header at the top.

J’s Racing proudly recommends this header for all the customers.

Safety precautions

※ Please apply the correct tightening torque.

※ After the several years, the welded area might crack from the vibration caused by the deteriorated engine mounts.  Please consult your local shop for fixing.

※ The round gasket is sold separately. (not included)

*Please check stock and ETA with US.