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J'S RACING Titanium wheel nuts 17HEX 16pcs

An open end wheel nuts made of a premium material - 64 titanium alloy (TiyAI-4V).

The super strength of the titanium material has made the minium thickness possible and achieved the ultra-light weight.

The titanium has an excellent heat resistant and anti-expansible property, which is outstanding for the racetrack driving.

The nut has a brilliant blue color very specific to the burnt titanium and it also shows off the high quality with J's Racing logo.

Titanium Wheel Nut 17HEX lug nuts

M12×P1.5 17HEX 35mm


A set of 16 nuts (for a vehecle with 4H wheel)

64 Titanium Alloy (Ti6AI-4V)   Open end type

●Comes with engraved J's Racing logo

Safety precautions

・Check the tightening torque before the race track runs.

・Please double check the size before purchasing.
  We do not accept the exchange or return.

・Currenlty a lock nut is not offered as an option.

・The burnt titanium color might have an individual difference due to the hand craft process.

An acid based cleaner like the one used for wiping iron powders will cause losing the blue titanium color.  Please do not use for this product.